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Bucket List

Bucket List

Last week I was bedridden due to food poisoning.  Since this happened at my parents house, I actually got to lie in bed and be sick.  They took care of the kids.  Mom asked if I had seen the movie The Bucket List yet.  Since I hadn’t, she gave me a quick synopsis of the plot. 

This conversation got me thinking about some things I would like to do before I die.  So, in no particular order, is my list. 

*  Visit Jerusalem.  Walk the streets.  Eat the food.  Enjoy the culture.

*  Lay down in my coffin while I am still able to get in and out by myself.

*  Get up close and personal with a volcano.

*  Dig for dinosaur bones.

*  Write a funny, best selling, book that can be read in ten visits or less to the bathroom.

*  Learn to make pottery. 

*  Earn a degree in Aromatherapy.  Amanda Sanders, licenced Aromatherapist.  Yeah.

*  Ride a cow.  Even though I grew up in the country, with lots of cows, this wish never came true.

*  Learn to water ski.

*  Catch a world record Blue Catfish.  (This one is really more for Greg than me.)

*  Finish that child birth class Greg and I were kicked out of for laughing.  I didn’t even get a refund…

*  Go to space camp.

*  Write my own obituary.  Full of funny things like “she was a world renown roach smasher.”

Wow… this is pretty sorry post.  Sorry dear readers.